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About me

Welcome to my men`s watches website. I always dreamed about nice watch on my hand. I do not know why this is important to me but it gives a good feeling when I have a nice stylish wristwatch.

A little story about my first watches

I was a boy, about 14 years old when my parents gave me my first wristwatch on my birthday. It was electronic watch and these times it was awesome. Nowadays nobody doesn’t wear this kind of watches.

My second watch was mechanical. It means that I had to screw it up every day. There was no batteries. The watch was nice and I loved it until one day my classmate accidentally hit the watch with his elbow. The glass was broken and the watch didn’t work anymore. I was very sad but there was nothing to do because clock smith said that hi can’t fix it.

There is a more serious interest in watches

I am interested about men`s watches since then. Over time, I have had many watches but I never knew which ones are really good. I bought them emotionally by looking price and look. But now I changed my attitude and I want to know more about watches. I want to be an Expert. That’s why I create this website. And I hope all people who visit my website will know something more about men`s watches.

So have a look around and if you ever had anything to share about men`s watches I would love to hear it.


Founder of Men`s Watches




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