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Best Men’s Wrist Watches

The old saying which says “you are what you wear” is very much relevant, especially if you hang out with top personalities or are trying to win the heart of ladies who love style.

Shoes alone doesn’t make a man; his watch has to be included. Here is the list of best watches for men. This top list is based majorly on classical dress watches.

Characteristics of a nice Men’s Wrist Watch

A watch is a sign of status and also a timepiece. In examining the top options, the basic characteristics you should look out for are:

  • Brand
  • Construction quality
  • Features
  • Style and complications
  • Price


TAG Heuer Men’s Kirium F1



TAG Heuer offers great watches which are a nice fit for an evening spent in the Casino de Monte-Carlo as they are for a day of sailing the America’s Cup course in San Francisco Bay

The Kirium F1 includes the qualities men have come to expect from TAG Heuer over the last century and a half. This TAG Heuer offering is coined out from stainless steel and is clasped to the arm with a soft leather band. The black face is backlit and enclosed with a sapphire crystal cover which gives it nice coverage for the silver analog dial while removing reflected light which could make the face of a watch hard to read while on the water.

Some of this product’s features includes:

  • Continued calendar
  • Digital and analog displays
  • Tracking for a second-time zone
  • Sapphire crystal covering for scratch resistance
  • Striking backlighting


The next on the list is Jaeger- LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Moon 39



Jaeger-LeCoultre is a great watch maker that resides in Le Sentier, Switzerland, and has been producing watches since 1833. The company is renowned for making men’s watches which displays high quality materials in an excellent design.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Moon 39 is a great timepiece. This timepiece incorporates an uncluttered round face with an analog time mechanism and calendar date indicator. The calendar date recorder also maps the phases of the moon as time passes.

The front of the watch is an off-clam color, with silver hour markers and watch arms contrasted against a blue second counter.

The watch is protected with a black leather band. At just 4.9 millimeters, this watch is very thin. A brown version also exist.


Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Chronometer



Ulysse Nardin deals with marine chronometers. If you find those styles captivating, your search for men’s watch should start and end with the Maxi Marine Diver Chronometer.

This time piece incorporates a round stainless steel body secured by a titanium and rubber strap (remember, this is designed for use on and around the water.)

The face of the watch is a striking deep blue with analog arms maintaining the minute and hour count. The day of the month is recorded at the base of the face. The watch has a screw-down crown with a sapphire crystal glass cover to secure the face of the time piece, and is water-resistant to 300 meters. Ideal for the man who loves swimming.


Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945



Girard-Perregaux is one of the top timepiece companies in the world. Established in 1856 through the incorporation of two smaller Swiss companies, Girard-Perregaux has a well-earned record for making unique, great mechanical men’s watches.

Many see their watches as a bit more exclusive as other Swiss brands, because the company makes fewer of them a year than most other shops.

Watch faces can be designed in silver, black or white. The watch is supplemented with the choice of either a moon phase or calendar date indicator. Bands come in brown or black leather. As has always been the case with all Girard-Perregaux timepieces, each of the watch’s parts is produced by Girard-Perregaux on site.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak



Without specialists working in a specialized facility, it’s nearly impossible to objectively detail the quality of all of the watches we’re listing here. However, it says a lot for Audemars Piguet that Cartier and Bulgari buys the company’s watches and then rename them as their own products.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak timepieces are ideal examples of the quality products sold by the company. Offered in eight categories, each watch is completely produced with the following features:

  • Case available in 18-carat pink gold or silver
  • Face in a choice of onyx black or pearl white
  • Movement thickness with module of 4.26 mm
  • Total diameter of 26.6 mm
  • Bidirectional automatic winding
  • 60 hour power reserve
  • Diamond-graved bridge bevels


Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180



The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180 is a beautiful timepiece. This watch is obviously exquisitely crafted, but has a clean and simplified design extremely attractive.

Vacheron Constantin watches is unique because of their pure beauty, and although expensive, are priced competitively compared to other high-end men’s watches.

Features include:

  • Self-winding analog function
  • Convex face design
  • Gold hour markers
  • Silver minute markers
  • Transparent back
  • Calendar date recorded at 6 o’clock position
  • Gold casing
  • Case that is 40 millimeters in diameter and 8.53 millimeters thick


Rolex Yacht-Master II



Rolex is arguably the best known brand in men’s watches, and is an excellent introductory watch for the newly-successful man. While Rolex is known as a Swiss brand, many are surprised to learn the company actually began in England in 1905, by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis.

First offered in 2007, the Yacht-Master II has a 44 millimeter stainless steel casing which incorporates gold, typical of a Rolex watch. The watch is analog with a blue Cerachrom insert made from a ceramic material. The hour markers are 18 carat gold and contrasted with beautiful blue watch arms. The Rolex Yacht-Master II would surely be a talking point with everyone you meet.




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